Thursday, December 02, 2004

Greetings Earthlings

Despite having a perfectly good website of my own its not really suitable for hosting a blog. Anything I put up there takes days weeks or sometimes months to get to the state I'm happy with it to be uploaded.

I want somewhere I can use as a "scratchpad" or even a pseudo diary. Somewhere I can put my kneejerk responses to the days events without necessarily wanting it committed to posterity. Yes, I know I can edit the website but that's much more hassle than this.

I realise that no-one on the planet is likely to read this entry but, nevertheless, for my own benefit I want to outline the kind of things you might expect to see here.

My current obsession is World War III - the battle between those of us who pursue individual autonomy limited only by the injunction not to harm others and control freaks of various kinds who believe they have some special insight as to how human beings should behave, or worse, should be allowed to behave.

That War has been going on for well over a thousand years but its hotted up in the last century.

It is the basis of the War on Drugs at one end of the scale and the War on Terror at the other.

If you examine the mindset of both sets of warriors, you will find they have a number of significant similarities. Amongst other things, I shall be using this blog to draw attention to such matters.

On the lighter side, you can expect to see links to some of the features that amuse and entertain me most here in cyberspace.


Tarun said...

Welcome to the blogosphere.

don't know.. think said...

hello i just wanted to notifie that ive used some of your text found on
i have put it as an subscribe on my email adres whit the link to the 1e page. i hope it inspires a few people. unfortunatly to few people think outside the a box and venture into the world of Philosophy.

I also would like to make a complement about your good work.

R. J. Spindle said...

I suppose it was unlikely that anyone would ever read this, but not highly unlikely. I think it is less likely that people would read MY website/blog/thing (it's really both and neither).

I'll definitely be spending some time reading your entries here and on the website--possibly even wiping up a few responses on my own site.

I'm with you on keeping a pseudo public journal in this way. It's not only therapeutic, but sometimes makes those eerie coincidences in life occur with more frequency.

So far I've read your "Conversation with God" and "Resurrection" (pt 1 ... looking forward to pt 2) on the site, and a handful of posts here.

Well done.