Monday, August 08, 2005

Iraqi Exit Strategy

Al Qaeda in Iraq issued a statement Saturday warning Sunni Arabs that voting in the referendum on the constitution would be equivalent to rejecting Islam

So why don't we just add another question to the referendum - "Do you want the Americans and British to leave the country?"

That gives all the opponents to the occupation a vested interest in the referendum.

If they refuse to campaign for it, they will very clearly seen by the world at large but most importantly, by the Iraqi community, as wanting to keep the Americans there for the purpose of continuing the fight. They will be put in the position of rejecting democracy even when it offers a peaceful solution to the conflict. Very difficult to sell in the Arab Street.

If they campaign and lose, that won't stop them fighting, but it will dramatically reduce local support for them and give the western powers a legitimate mandate to stay until the job is done properly and Iraq is genuinely capable of conducting its own affairs without breakdown into Civil War.

If they campaign and win, the western powers can leave without dishonour in accordance with the democratic wishes of the Iraqi people.

The perfect exit strategy.

In fact, you'd have to ask the question:

Why - if this idea is put to them - would they NOT want to include it in the referendum?

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