Thursday, November 03, 2005

Conflict Of Interests? They haven't got a clue!

The British Media can be proud of themselves this week. Another scalp has fallen to their probing and incisive journalism. We have rooted out the corrupt David Blunkett from the Government and ensured that no one, not even a cabinet minister can get away with breaking school rules.


I'm no great supporter of Blunkett. I've been fighting his ID card proposals for the past four years. But really! Is this the best they can do?

They talk glibly of Blunkett's "conflict of interests" in such a way that they clearly do not understand what the phrase means. If you really want to understand what it means, take a look at the way in which the Bush administration populated the "Kean Commission" which "investigated" the intelligence and government background to 9-11. This is organised crime at its very best.

In regard to 9-11 (and most other issues but they're small beer in this context) I STILL refuse to accept any of the conspiracy theories. My objection to virtually all of them is the same. They imply a level of foresight, planning and intelligence which has so obviously been absent ever since 9-11, that it is impossible to conclude that the people responsible for the disastrous management of events since then were also responsible for the attack itself.

However, it is getting difficult to resist the tide.

Just read this page and try to find any convincing answer to the questions it raises or any convincing refutation of its implications. They are as prominently absent as the aforementioned intelligence and I have to admit, I'm wavering.

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