Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Big Lie Continues

DavidT ticked me off for my inconsistent blogging a while ago and gave me permission:

"If you've got things to say, say them! Even if you have to be brief and the content of an entry primarily consists of a quote from something you've read and a small comment upon it. "

on which basis, this is going to be my shortest blog to date.

First; if you haven't already, it's time you read this.

When I first heard this ludicrous story (if you're too lazy to check out the link, I'm talking about the alleged thwarted plot to fly another plane into the Library Tower in LA), and that it was supposed to have happened - sorry, supposed to have been prevented by excellent use of intelligence - in October 2002, all sorts of obvious questions popped into my head, but, as usual, no one in the media seemed to dare to ask them.

The most obvious is why - if they knew all about this failed attack - did they not choose to mention it in the propaganda push for the invasion of Iraq a mere 17 months later?

And, it turns out, even the Mayor of LA hadn't been made aware of this allegedly thwarted plot! Do they really think that we'll think that's remotely credible ferchrissake?!?!?!

And wasn't it such a useful coincidence that the alleged target was handily demolished in the movie "Independence Day" so that the collaborating media had access to some wonderfully realistic and dramatic footage showing just what destroying the Library Tower might look like.

The linked story says it more calmly than I can.

The most significant thing about this story is that it reveals exactly how stupid the puppetmasters believe the American public to be.

The question is, are they right?

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DaveT said...

For me, the fact that it's being brought up now despite the age of the plot makes it reek of intentional manipulation. I later heard some commentary that the source of the allegation is known to be unreliable. Sounds like Bush and friends are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. However, people are not noticing I think. The news media isn't questioning it for the most part, so neither are the masses.