Sunday, January 20, 2008

Would you ask a Paedophile to babysit your children?

Obviously not. So why would you trust a government to look after your private data? Historically and currently they are easily the worst abusers and losers we know about.

Globally, until the recent Datastrophe, the UK government was regarded as one of the best in this field, yet look what they've managed to achieve in just the past few weeks:

Today's embarrassment is this story (Ministry of Defence - our Professional Security Force - loses data on 600,000 potential recruits). But in recent weeks we've had this one (names and addresses of 160,000 children in the "care" of the Hackney Primary Care Trust go missing), not to mention this one (ex DWP employee "forgot" to return data on thousands of claimants, then mislaid it) and this one (hundreds of personal details found on a roundabout in Devon) and this one (Stockport PCT loses details on 4,000 patients) and this one (Oldham PCT loses a mere 100) and this one (Inland Revenue loses details on 6,500 building society members) and this one (DVLA Northern Ireland loses data on 6,000 drivers "in the post") and this one (25,000 Standard Life customers' data lost in the post by HMRC)

I could go on but those are just the REPORTED data breaches, all as you can see, by agencies of the UK government in the last 10 weeks or so. Oh - and all these "one offs" followed hot on the heels of the biggest of them all: a world record in its class. The subject of my previous blog.

Are we spotting a pattern yet? I'm quite sure you, dear reader, get the picture, even if the wankers responsible for this incompetent series of of data disasters haven't quite managed to join the dots. Trusting these imbeciles to protect our private data is itself an act of gross imbecility or even negligence on our part; every bit as stupid as asking a paedophile to babysit our children...

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