Monday, February 18, 2008


...are classic literal Corrupt Insiders.

Thanks to rumple for pointing me at this one. 'king excellent example of trusted surveillance. Now imagine what it will be like when we routinely turn our mobile phones against them (and record the output direct to web so the footage is safe).

And, of course, it constitutes yet more justification for imposing trusted surveillance on those who, up till now, have held authority over us. Yet more justification for reminding ourselves who is supposed to have the authority in what are supposed to be democracies.

Incidentally, it is also a classic example of what we might have to regard as "terrorism lite" in much the same way we're supposed to regard Waterboarding as "Torture Light" (and could you have imagined 10 years ago that we'd be reading stories like that about an American Government?). My own definition of Terrorism specifies: The lethal targeting of non combatants to promote fear throughout the enemy population. as one of two key defining characteristics of Terrorism.

Provocateurs may not actually kill non combatants, but they clearly have no concern for those who may be killed by the police in the subsequent riot control operation the provos have triggered.

That'll be criminal enough for the average jury when we get around to giving them perfectly fair trials before we hang the bastards.

But the most significant factor in this story? That this is Canada - Not the US of A. Yes, I'm afraid so. Good old civilised liberal Canada. We all thought they were supposed to be one of the good guys. If you weren't shivering before, that should do the trick...

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